Welcome to the online home of the Community Church of Inclusive Wicca Incorporated (CCIWI) which was formed in 2008. It is an officially registered Church and not-for-profit body under the South Australian Associations Incorporation Act 1985. CCIWI is also a registered charity (no: CCP1645) and officially recognised as a charitable, religious body by the Australian Taxation Office and so donations to our CCIWI Food Pantry are fully tax deductible so you can be assured that CCIWI is legitimate and has legal accountabilities to its members.

CCIWI is the underpinning body that supports members of the tradition of Inclusive Wicca and Spiritual Witchcraft and it was formed to provide a range of support mechanisms for members.

Our Achievements

The Community Church of Inclusive Wicca (CCIWI) has been active since 2008 and we’re very proud of our achievements so far that help Wicca and minority religions have a more equal place in the Australian religious community.

  • We’re the first ever Wiccan organisation to receive recognition by the Australian Taxation Office.
  • We’re the first ever Wiccan organisation to be given a charities licence by the South Australian government.
  • We’re also the first ever Wiccan organisation to be given tax deductibility status by the Australian taxation Office.

We’re also working towards having Inclusive Wicca recognised by the Attorney General’s Office so we can conduct Wiccan handfastings as legally recognised religious ceremonies instead of just civil ceremonies so we’re working hard for our members and the Inclusive Wiccan community at large.

CCIWI’s main aims are to:

Provide an opportunity for people to learn about Inclusive Wicca and Witchcraft no matter where they live or what their colour or ethnic background is.

  • To foster a safe and supportive community where Wiccans and Witches can discuss their Wiccan practice and learn from one another.
  • Promote the core values and practice of the Inclusive tradition of Wicca.
  • Provide a free Food Pantry service to primarily Wiccans and Pagans in Australia facing financial hardship.
  • Provide a legitimate means of ordaining and endorsing appropriately trained members to the role of Reverend and Right Reverend.
  • Provide support and teaching materials to suitably trained and qualified Inclusive teachers and Ministers.

Our Values

There are some wonderful traditions and fantastic covens out there but for the newcomer to Wicca, finding one that suits their needs first time up isn’t always easy. As a result, the coven and school of Oak and Mistletoe was formed initially as a teaching coven so that people who wanted to learn a flexible, personalised approach to Wicca could do so in a safe and caring, shared environment. Oak and Mistletoe quickly developed into more than just a face to face teaching coven and eventually became the founding coven of CCIWI and the tradition of Inclusive Wicca. CCIWI is still growing and it’s become known as a community that supports students and practitioners with members from all around the world. But what does the tradition that grew out of that hold as its foundation principles?

  • We explore the verifiable evidence of Wicca’s history so that newcomers understand it’s relatively short history.
  • We do not hold to the romantic view of Wicca as a revived pre-Christian religion,
  • Everyone has the right to develop their own relationship with the Divine,
  • Inclusive Wicca is a religion, philosophy, practice and a way of life. It is not a dogma,
  • All tradition members deserve to be honoured, respected and cared for,
  • The real religion of Wicca is more important than the fluffy bunny stuff around it,
  • The Wiccan Rede and Law of Return are our prescriptions for appropriate behaviour and consequences,
  • Wicca can be eclectic and flexible and still be Wicca.

To learn more about the Inclusive Wiccan tradition, please visit the teaching coven, Oak and Mistletoe.